Saturday, May 12, 2012

Stationary Box

I know it's been quite some time since I've posted.  In fact it's been just as long since I've really made anything!  Oh wait, I did make some wall art.  I will have to post that soon. 

I was inspired by Alyssa's (from My Thoughts Exactly) project from last Saturday.  She made the cutest stationary set.  Now I have been wanting to make a greeting card box forever and it dawned on me that it would be a cute gift to give to my mother this Mother's Day so I went on the hunt for a greeting card box tutorial.  I was expecting to do something really simple to just put cards in but I stumbled across Alyssa's project and loved it.  Psst, she has instructions on her site.

Trendy Twine and cute buttons adorn the lid

Ta daa!

A2 sized cards are held in the biggest compartment in the back

Tags and mini note cards

Post it Notes

Stamp holder & pen holder
This stationary box holds A2 sized cards and envelopes.  I added some mini note cards and envelopes for them as well as some tags.  Also featured on the fold down flap are some Post it Notes, a stamp holder and a pen holder.  All in one stationary set!
I totally forgot to take a pic of the box with just the top off but with the box shape still in tact.  Boo to me!!  Anyway, when you take of the top of the box you bring down the front panel to reveal all the goodies,  It's such a cool set!  Love it.  


Bee Burg

Super cute, such a great idea! :-) Glad to see you got your crafting mojo back... :-)


This is so cute kasi and it's great to see you posting. Lenae

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