Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let's try something different today.

A scrapbook layout I made awhile back.  I made this layout featuring some of our 2008 honeymoon pictures.  We went to the island of Oahu.  It was an amazing trip.  If I could have a vacation home there I would.

The layout started out as a big mess but I made it work somehow.  My husband has actually been giving me input from time to time on my projects and he had the idea to make the flowers stick up to give the page dimension.  Great idea!  He is seriously amazingly creative.  I can't even imagine what he would come up with if he did this.

Well, on to the fun stuff!  Here are the pictures.  It's really hard to just pic one or two pictures to post so here are a ton.

Bright and colorful

Petals are raised off the paper, embossed and inked

Lots of embossing

Caption, stamped then glittered

Another petal shot

Part of the details, embossed and inked

I used a lot of embossing and inking on this page.  It gives it character and adds extra color to the elements.  I hope you enjoyed! It's not easy coming up with ideas out of nowhere and this is exactly what I did with this one.  I started off with doing it one way but that didn't look right so on it went until this happened.

I have no clue what my next page will be but I know it will be fun to make.



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