Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Butterflies

Before I get to the main part of this entry I have to say that I sucked at taking pictures!  I am slowly learning how to take better pictures but I am a long way away from being perfect at it.  I have been working on revamping the pictures of some of my cards that I have listed on etsy.  I looked at the pictures of some of my older listings and thought, "No wonder no one has bought them yet, they look terrible in this picture!".  I promise they look so much better in person but how can I sell them if they look bad in the picture?  Well, I am changing that and redoing some of them.

Now to the nitty gritty of this post.  A new card!

It has been beautiful out this way in Southern California the past few days.  While the north east has been getting hit with more snow we have been getting nothing but sunshine and warm, almost too hot, weather.  It hasn't really felt like spring yet (more like summer) but with this warmer weather it's definitely a sign that winter weather is heading out of here.  OK, OK, you east coast people laugh all you want about me saying winter weather.  I know it may sound like an oxymoron for Southern California and winter to be used in the same sentence but I tell ya, it gets cold here!  27 degrees and me scraping ice off my car = cold to me!

Spring butterflies....
Pink and green makes me think of spring!

The butterfly is embossed then glittered

Bottom strip is embossed with a green bow tied in the center

Spring is in the air

I posted this card on my Facebook page, 19Eighty Expressions, and started working on listing it on Etsy.  I got as far as the title when someone asked to purchase it off my Facebook page!  It was up for a record 12 seconds before it was sold and never even made it to Etsy!  The same person ordered four more in a variety of colors so there will definitely be more available.  Maybe I will be able to get it to Etsy before any sell!


Thienly Azim

This is so simple, yet so pretty! Yes, I find that pics make a whole lot of difference - you can probably tell from my photos that I've been putting up. Older cards photos are terrible, then I learned to take it with better lighting and composition, and just recently, I got a new camera, so my pics have been a lot better! Good camera makes a huge difference!

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