Friday, December 2, 2011

Twine Ornaments

I mentioned awhile back that I would be starting my stint on Trendy Twine's design team in January.  Well, they have graciously asked me to post as a guest designer this month.  Of course I said yes!  

For my first Trendy Twine project I decided to make something a little different than I normally make, ornaments made out of twine! Oh yea, you can make some pretty stuff with twine!  It's a perfect project to do with the kids.

I made some in traditional colors.....

Peppermint Stick Twine

Twisted Lime Twine w/a hint of Peppermint Stick

And some in not-so-traditional colors....

Blueberry Twine

Blue Berry Twine
My husband helped me make them.  He thinks his is better!  Hmmph.  He really enjoyed making them and actually sad he wants to make more. husband want to help me with a craft project?!  Unheard of!   

 I was thinking of glittering up these babies but decided against it since it may hide the pretty twine and unfortunately I didn't think to adorn these with pretty buttons or other embellishments until after I took these pictures (you know how time-consuming that is!) so here they are in all their naked glory.  I think adorned or not they are super cute.

Keep on reading to learn how to make these cute and simple ornaments!


  • Small water balloons (yea, I made a mistake and used bigger balloons.  Unless you want giant ornaments or to use a ton of twine then use water balloons.) 
  • White glue
  • Water
  • Small bowl
  • Trendy Twine
  • Wax paper
  • Ribbon
1. Blow up balloons to to desired size and tie ends.
2. In a small bowl make a solution of 2 parts glue and 1 part water.
3. Coat the twine with glue and squeeze out the excess.
4. Wrap twine around balloon in in desired pattern, leaving some openings all around.
5. Lay twine ball ball on wax paper to dry and rotating every few hours to allow all sides to dry.
6. When completely dry, pop balloon and remove the deflated balloon from an opening in the cording.
7. Loop ribbon or additional twine through an opening in the ornament to hang.
8.  Embellish with glitter, buttons, etc.

You can use multiple colors of twine to make it a colorful and even more interesting!

I hope you try it out.  There's so much you can do to decorate these and pretty them up some more.  They'll look great on your tree and you can color coordinate them to match your decor!  Actually you can even throw these in a bowl or something and place in the middle of a table as decor.


P.S. If you try this out I would love to see your creations!




Thanks for sharing your project. It is a great idea. Good way to use leftover yarn.

Izzy Anderson

Such a fun project. These turned out great!

by belle

Can't wait to try this!!!

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