Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Anniversary Card

I sat at my computer to print out my Starbucks voucher from Living Social ($5 for $10 worth of coffee) and instead I made a card!  I guess the craft monster took over and overthrew the coffee monster!

This week I received two awesome orders!  OK, there was more than just those two orders but I only used items from two of the orders I placed.  First let me show you pictures of a card I made using some of the new items I received.  Here ya go!

Sometimes simple is more!

First up are the stamps from My Thoughts Exactly.  I absolutely love this brand.  They stamp so crisply and they don't lose the stick which I noticed happened on some of the ones I purchased at big chain stores.  Well, my disappointment in clear stamps has completely turned around once I started using My Thoughts Exactly Stamps.  These are the only clear stamps I buy now!

Next up is the embossing folder.  Oh how I LOVE it!  I purchased a few sets but the one I used is a chevron design.  This folder is from QuicKutz.  Each pack has two embossing folders and I purchased them for pretty cheap off Scrapbooks Steals or one of those bargain sites.  I have to hunt down more of these awesome embossing folders now!  The only bad part is that they don't emboss a true A2 size but if you trim up the paper like I did then it's not so bad.  I truly LOVE this embossing folder and the others I purchased.

Oh, I must mention one of my other favorite tools!  Epiphany Crafts Shape Tool!  I have had the heart shaped one (along with many of their other tools) for awhile but I usually use it with the epoxy shapes as well.  This time I used it as a punch to punch out the three hearts on my card but didn't use the epoxy.  Nice right!?  It's like a two-in-one! 

So go on and check out the two products I featured.  I PROMISE you won't be disappointed!




Trendy Twine

Very elegant. Love the chevron design and of course MTE stamps are awesome!!

Lesley @ Trendy Twine

Bee's hive

I think I already told you I loved this card, but I LOVE this card!

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