Friday, February 11, 2011

Where do I start?

I have quite a few cards but where do I start?  I guess I should start with the most recent.

The other day my daughter asked me to make a card for her friend's birthday.  She let me know up front that she wasn't paying me because she is my daughter.  Isn't she so sweet?!  She wanted a card similar to one I have made before but with different colors so last night I worked on the card and blogged (I can multitask pretty well).

The first card is the original card I made with this design.

You Rock greeting card
Cutesy little skull with a bow

You Rock sentiment

Colorful, fun, adorable, modern...this is exactly what I was thinking when I made this card. It rocks!  My husband actually had the idea to put a skull on a Valentine card (don't ask) but instead I tweaked his idea and came up with a colorful and cute card that can be given to either an adult or a child.

And here is the card I made last night for my daughter's friend.

Birthday greeting card

Another cute skull

Happy birthday sentiment

Orange and lime green checkered ribbon

I used all the same techniques as I did on the other card but changed up some of the embossing designs and colors.  I think both of these cards are super cute and I hope the recipient of the birthday one loves it.



I bet her friend will love it. And hopefully it helps to spread the awesomeness that is handmade!

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