Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What a weekend!

This weekend was amazing!  I had four days off from work and it seems that's exactly what I needed to get my "create" on!  I was a busy working bee all weekend crafting left and right.  So much so that I even taught myself something new!  I'll get into that in another post though.

I decided to step away from greeting cards for a bit because I have all these ideas floating around in my head that I keep saying I am going to work on but never get around to.  Well, that changed this weekend.  I finally started working on something outside my norm and today's post is all about it.  Tags.  Yup, like gift tags.

I started out with a design I used on one of my favorite cards, Spring Butterflies.  I decided to feature them on this set of tags.  I love the design with the butterfly wings popping of the paper.  It's so simple yet so pretty.  

Yellow, pink, and purple make these 3D butterfly tags perfect for spring!

Embossing and inking on both the tag and butterfly add a touch of elegance to the tag

Set of 5 tags all ready to be gifted

A purple ribbon completes the spring-themed tag

Flowers, butterflies, and swirls

These weren't the only tags I made this weekend.  In a few days I'll go into detail about my adventure in the vintage-inspired world of papermaking which so happens to be something new to me.  Oh so fun! 

Oh, I forgot to mention, unfortunately there were no winners in the contest I held over the weekend on my Facebook page.  No one guessed the correct theme of the set I was working on (yes, I worked on more than just tags this weekend).  I plan on holding more contests with giveaways in the future.  Hope you all can join in on the fun.  Check me out on Facebook at the 19Eighty Expressions fan page!  

One more thing!  Look out for an announcement I have.  I'm excited about it.  That will be coming in the next few days.


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