Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mini note cards anyone?

Part of my crafty weekend was spent making cards and the other part was spent making tags.  Here is yet another set of items I made while I had steam.  The contest I held was actually for a set of this item.  Unfortunately no one guessed the theme correctly.  I would have taken "spring" or "garden" as an answer or even something close to that.  Maybe next time. 

I'm always on the lookout for new ideas whether it be new techniques, new tools, or new items I can make.  I have a list of what I would like to make and this was one of them.  I can now cross off mini note cards from my list.  Yay!  I wanted a theme for these cards but I didn't want to make each card exactly the same so I delved into my brain and picked an item I liked to make.  I chose the butterfly from the "Spring Butterflies" card since I really really love the look of them.  What goes with butterfly was my next thing to work on.  The theme that popped into my head was "garden" and so off I went in search of more ideas that would work with a garden theme.

Side note - I actually made the butterfly tags after I made these notecards and as you can see, they are the same colors.  I liked the colors enough to use them again. 

Spring Garden mini notes

Set of 5

The bee has googly eyes!  What's a garden without bees hovering over the flowers!?

You've seen this little lady before on my lunchbox notes set

And of course the pretty two-toned butterfly!

Here's something new!  A plant waterer?  Not sure what it's called!

Each card measures 3"x3.5".  I actually made them a decent enough size that they can fit into little envelopes.  Not a perfect fit but a good fit.  In fact these guys are so small I was able to cut quite a few of each card out of one sheet of cardstock.  Awesomeness!  I ended up making four sets!  I am struggling choosing my favorite design.  

My question to you....which is your favorite?


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