Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Silhouette Cameo Score!

  The other day I had an hour to kill before going to Crossfit. I was contemplating just waiting it out in front of the gym or wandering aimlessly around a craft store. I had zero plans to buy anything since I had already spent way too much between crafty stuff and workout stuff this month. Overkill on my end but sometimes I just HAVE to have it.

  Well, wandering around aimlessly won out and I went to Michael's. During my wandering I happened upon a sign in the die cut machine and accessory aisle. The sign that stated 40% off and in small print it stated "includes machines and blah blah" (not really blah blah but my mind didn't go past the "machine" word). Wait...what?! I read and re-read and re-read. There were no exclusions like there normally are. I swore I was wrong on what I saw. When are the machines ever discounted? Never.

   I asked the first associate I saw if they had any Silhouette Cameos in stock. They sure did. I told her about the sign and mentioned that it was so weird. She thought so too (apparently she scrapbooks as well). She went to the back and got a Cameo box and rang it up. No deal. It rang up at $299. Darn but I pushed a little and mentioned the sign. It's advertised as 40% she called her manager down and low and behold he agreed with me! I ended up with an amazing price for the Cameo (see picture below). I ran out of that store with my machine as happy as can be!!

 I think the manager went to check on the signs and have probably revised them but maybe they were correct. If so, you better head on down and grab your Silhouette Cameo or whatever machine you wish to purchase.

So my plan of spending $0 failed.  My inner voice won out and it must have known about the amazing deal.  Under $200 for a Silhouette Cameo!  SCORE!!


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