Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blue Patchwork

I planned to work on a card today but after having come home from work, finishing up the inking, then not finding my glue tape to piece the card together I gave up.  If you saw my craft room you would completely understand why I didn't feel like hunting for it.  It's a mess!  Since I have no finished product to show you I will tell you about my favorite card to date, the Patchwork card.

If you follow my "life" blog you may have already seen this super cute card but for those of you who haven't seen it you will be graced with it's presence via pictures here.  I was inspired to make the Patchwork card by pictures in a card making magazine.  I really loved the look of piecing together a card using a bunch of different papers.  I can't really remember what the card in the magazine looked like but that's OK, I came up with my own design for this card.  Oh, and this card is perfect for using up scraps!    

"Just a note" sentiment

Pearls adorn the polka dot square

Cute blue bird

Some bling

Can't forget the heart

I LOVE this card

Another picture just because I love looking at it

See, a perfect way to use up scrap!  Just find colors that compliment one another, cut into equal parts, glue, add embellishments, and voila!  You have a super cute card that uses up scraps and left over embellishments.  The hardest part is getting the squares to be all the same size and fit onto the card. 

Hope you enjoyed looking at this card as much as I do!  I plan on making more of these.  This one sold very quickly on my Etsy shop and I was sad to see it go but thankfully I have more of the paper I used on this one so I can replicate it!  Yay! 

19 Eighty Expressions on Etsy


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