Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Venture....Invitations.

I never planned on making invitations for others.  I know how stressful a large order can be for someone like me who works fulltime so I never considered it.  That has changed though.   A few months ago I was contacted by a friend to make invites for her son's birthday and I agreed to make them.  Since then people have been telling me they plan on ordering invites from me for various occasions, mostly birthdays, so I guess now I am doing invitations.  I don't mind one bit.  In fact I completed my first invite order this weekend.

These invitations are for a birthday party that will take place at a movie theater.  I put my creative mind to work and came up with an idea but once I started working on it the entire invitation changed from what I had originally planned.  Instead of a one-sided invitation I ended up with a two-sided invitation and much more detail than I imagined.  I love how they turned out.

Movie theater-themed birthday invite
Front: The *stars* name is 3D

Back: info side
A bucket of popcorn spills across the card

I shipped these out yesterday and I cannot wait for the client to receive them.  I wish I could be there to see her daughter's face when she sees them.  I am looking forward to the next invite order now!


Bee Burg

Awesome project!!! I saw your comment on Amy's blog and was wondering if you have since figured out that MTC does have print and cut feature? Check out this blog:, Jin uses MTC to cut svgs, she has tutorials going on all the time, and she does print and cut... Hope it helps! :-)

Thienly Azim

Oh, I really love this invite! Love the popcorn - that's a great touch! Good for you for taking orders - you rocked this one!

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