Monday, June 6, 2011

Guest Designer for The Paper Dolls!

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by!

I am honored to be a guest designer this week for the fabulous Paper Dolls, Tamara and Thienly.

If you are part of the crafting community that uses SVGs then you may have come across their work and know what amazing crafters they are.  Well, obviously if you came here from their blog then you know all about them!  Hehe.  If you don't know how amazing they are head on over to their blog, The Paper Dolls.  They both are such amazing crafters that have truly been an inspiration for me.

This week's design is a mini doll house.  Adorable, right?  I am starting to see a theme here....paper dolls last week, doll house this week.  Love the genius of it!!

As a guest designer I have the task of creating a project using the dollhouse SVG file as inspiration for you all.  Here is what I made:

 Housewarming Gift Tag

How to:

 Using Make the Cut (MTC) software I sized the mini dollhouse file down so the front of the house measured 3" x 5".

*Note - when sizing a file I make sure to size the entire file down at one time, in this case the windows and main house.  It makes things so much easier*
I then cut out each piece of the file, including the house in it's original state.

To create the look I was going for I trimmed off the sides and bottom of the house so I was left with just the front, where the door is.

I made the roof in MTC by using a rectangle from the basic shapes, sizing it down, and setting it at an angle.  I then duplicated that rectangle, mirrored it and placed the two together as so:

 I then welded the two together to create my roof.


In order to create the light blue shadow layer I created another rectangle from MTC's basic shapes.  I then welded the two pieces (roof and rectangle) together to create this:

Shadow layer
I sized the image to be slightly bigger than my main house so it was indeed a shadow layer.

After cutting out the shadow layer I had to trim the two extra peaks that I didn't need.  I only wanted the center peak.

When assembling the house I used pop up squares for the window frames that I had to cut down to size.  I also used pop up squares to adhere the roof.

The red flowers were made using a hand punch.

I used a border punch for the red eaves that drop down from the roof.

The door knob is a tarnished silver brad.

The sentiment was printed out on white cardstock in blue and inked along the edges in blue as well.

I lightly inked the edges of the windows, doors, and house in blue.

I hole punched the top of the light blue shadow layer in order to string a light blue ribbon through.

There you have it, my housewarming gift tag!

I hope you enjoyed it!

In closing, I would like to thank the Dolls for allowing me the opportunity to be apart of their new venture.  I had fun making this house!  Thank you!!



Thienly Azim

Thank you so much for joining us as a guest designer in the Paper Dolls Challenge! I love your tag - so clever! I never even thought about taking the front of the house and making a 2D something with it! Totally cute and love the 3D flower addition. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anna Dawn

Came from Paper Dolls blog! Congrats on being Guest Designer! I love your tag! I use Make the Cut too and I LOVE that program! It's so easy to manipulate things and make your own stuff! Thanks for showing how you did it!

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