Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pink lemonade anyone?

All day yesterday I shopped for a car or read a book.  Not once did I feel like being crafty.  Seriously not once all day.  Skip forward many hours to 10:45pm last night...I was bitten by the craft bug and there I was in my craft room making a card.  My eyes were tired with sleep and strain and yet I was awake coming up with what I think is one of my cutest cards to date.

The card I made last night in a sleepy haze was sort of an experimental card.  I didn't think it would turn out as good as it did but I surprised myself!  Who knew I could be creative even when exhausted.  I bought Tim Holtz' Paper Distresser the other day and some Kraft cardstock (the brown paper bag looking type) as well as an ink blender, also by Tim Holtz.  With these items I set out on an adventure to make something vintage looking.  Seeing that I have a birthday party to go to this weekend I decided to make a card for that occasion.  The theme is Pink Lemonade.   

And my work of art....

Pink lemonade

Distressed edges

Would you like some ice with that?

As I mentioned above, I used the distressing tools to create the aged look.  I used the paper distresser to scrape and curl the edges.  I then inked each edge with the blending tool using a swirling motion from my mat onto the edges of the paper.  I created the glass of lemonade myself after some research and playing around in MTC but you can get a similar glass in SVG Attic's Backyard BBQ Collection.  I used a cloudy sheer velum sheet for the glass and a light pink piece of cardstock for the lemonade inside the glass.  I inked the edges of the glass in pink and dobbed some pink onto the surface of the velum glass to add a little more color.  It turned out to go well with the distressed look the rest of the card has.  The orange, straw, and cube of ice have nothing special done to them but I cut those out as well to add a super cute touch! 

I think I did have a little bit of "I'm too tired to be crafting" last night while making this card.  The orange was supposed to be a lemon and for some reason when I picked the orange paper I thought it was yellow.  I am not's a consequence of being too tired to think clearly.


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OMG this is so cute!! Gives me an idea for a file I have been meaning to try.


Please do post pictures when you make whatever I have inspired you to make!!


Well, tired or not, I like it :) Great idea with the vellum. The ink gives it a dimensional look. It took me a few tries to get my distress inks to look the way I wanted but now I am hooked on them.

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Ruthie @ SeptemberNinth

Hi Kasi!

Your card makes me want to run out and pull lemons off the tree and make lemonade. Seriously, it does... and I need to b/c there are lemons all over the ground.

I love all the distressing you did too! Fab job!

Ruthie :)

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