Thursday, June 9, 2011

She Said Yes

Time for another day of wedding cards.  Well, let me card.  Am I obsessed with weddings again?  No.  Promise!  I met some wonderful women whom I still speak to daily during my wedding planning but I am not sure I ever want to deal with the stress of planning a wedding again. 

This particular card was made for a friend who loved the "I Do" card I made last week.  Actually this friend is one of the ladies I met a few years ago while we were both planning our weddings, which happened to be in the same month.  She has a bridal shower coming up and asked if I could make a bridal shower card.  My answer?  "Why of course!"  Me make a card?  I sure can!  It's one of the things I love to do aside from eating and reading. 

For this card I again used SVG Cuts' Kate's Silhouettes.  I love those super cute silhouettes.  I am looking for reasons to use them any time I can so of course I jumped on the opportunity when asked for a bridal shower card!  I had the perfect idea for it.  I actually made it compliment the style of the "I Do" card. 

Man proposing on one knee

"She said yes"
  There's not much to tell on the techniques I used for this card.  It actually was quite simple.  I just chose paper that I thought looked good together.  Notice a sliver of green is poking out around the edge of the card?   I love pink and green together. 

In order to add contrast I cut the woman's dress out of blue and white polka dot paper. At first I was concerned that it wouldn't match but then I realized that's exactly what I wanted! 

I used pop up squares to make the two silhouette figures 3D. 

As for the sentiment, once again I don't have a stamp that says "She said yes" so I had to print it out.  I inked the edges and it is slightly popping off the page.  I cut a pop up square in half and glued the bottom so it wasn't as high up as the silhouettes.

Maybe one day when I get the Silhouette SD I won't have to print my sentiments out.  Shhh, don't tell anyone but my husband actually gave me the go-ahead to buy it!  He actually has an ulterior motive on this decision.  Since it has print and cut abilities it can cut his pepakura.  It's a form of papercrafting as well.  He makes 3D things out of paper.  He's made a helmet and a gun so far.  It's actually really cool.  He plans to take it a step further though.  With the SIlhouette he won't have to sit and cut each piece by hand.  Ha, I didn't even realize he was a papercrafter too....even before I was!


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