Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another Set of Mini Note Cards

My favorite color is brown.  I know that may sound weird but for some reason it is.  My wedding even featured quite a bit of brown in it!

My love of the color brown is quite apparent here!

Wedding table set up

And here....

Me and my bridesmaids

 I am just in love with brown.  Awhile back I discovered kraft paper and ever since then all I ever want to do is make cards, projects, etc. with that darn brown paper!  Uhh, well lately I have been giving into that urge and making everything with it!  I can't stop.  Brown is so easy for me to work with.  I can match colors to brown easier than I can any other color combo.   With all this talk of brown kraft paper can you guess what the project I will post pictures of is?  The colors, paper, etc?

If you guessed brown kraft paper then you guessed right!  Woohoo!  You smarty pants, you!

My cute and simple mini note cards!  I used a punch I had laying around that I knew would come in handy one day!  I really have no need for punches anymore...well, yea I do.  It's easier to punch out then set it all up on the Silhouette.  Don't cry Silhouette, I still love you!  Hmm, I just realized I haven't mentioned my Cricut yet...wonder why!?   *wink wink*   I set a button on the middle pinwheel and threaded some hemp through it and double tied it to make sure the sucker stayed. 

OK, so now that you know what my favorite color is and if you happen to be invited to my baby shower (if I ever decide to have another kid) remember this post so you get the answer right just in case it's on  game at the shower.  Got it?


Jessica Bashaw

Very cute! I love the oranges and greens too! Very earthy... sending baby vibes your way! :) I wont forget the answer!

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