Friday, August 26, 2011

Trick or Treat!

And here we are again.  Welcome back and thank you for coming to visit!  I hope you enjoy your stay.  Aside from my project I have a few other tid bits (is that one word?) to share with you.

First order of business, SVG Attic is holding a design team call.  Yea, Jessica got tired of us oldies and is looking for fresh new faces.  I am just kidding.  She loves us but she really is looking to expand her design team so that part wasn't a joke.  I know you all want to work with super cool Kasi (me).  Come on, you know you do!!  On a serious note though, go apply.  We are super cool and the most awesome design team ever (that's not a joke either)!  Promise!  Plus, you get free SVGs and get to participate in blog hops.  My only requirement for you is that you have a sense of humor.  Did that convince you yet?  Do you meet my requirement (that's not a real requirement)?  If so, head on over HERE!

Second, SVG Attic has been releasing mini SVG sets each time they reach increments of 100 on their Facebook fan page.  Head over there and "Like" them now if you haven't already and get in on a chance to get some cute free SVGs.

OK, now on to what you have been waiting for, my project!  Some background on it...the boss-lady (Jessica) said, "No more cards, think outside the box!"  So I did that...literally.  Hehe.  Really though she is totally fine with me making cards.  I stick to cards because I can always give them away to almost anyone.  With 3D projects I can never figure out who to make them for.  I know, a gift box or something but really I don't usually give out things like that.  Guess it's time to start, huh?  Well, thanks to Jessica I have actually come to enjoy making 3D paper things.  Today's project is my very first SVG box and first Halloween project of the year!  I know...already, right?!     



Wooden door (embossed)

Trick or Treat!!
I'm proud of my first box err, milk carton.

This spook-tacular milk carton gift box measures 5 1/2" tall.  In MTC I sized it so the carton stayed proportionate.  I used SVG Attic's Raven Claw Manor  SVG kit for both the haunted house and the tag.  The house is actually a box in the set but I played with it and just used parts of it so I could attach it to the milk carton from the Fun Favors SVG Collection.

I embossed both the roof and the door.  Didn't those two pieces come out super cool?  I really love embossing things.  It adds so much more umph to projects.

The tag was actually a card in the Raven Claw Manor collection but I decided to make it into a tag for this project.  I used a stamp I bought in the dollar bin last year from either Michael's or Joann's.  The "or" got wet so the ink kinda splatted and I had to write it in...oops!

I used my Crop-a-dile to set the eyelets on the top of the milk carton and I tied it with some spooky orange and black twine from Trendy Twine.  Word on the virtual street known as Facebook is that they are coming out with two new colors of twine!  Keep on the lookout for those.

Last bit of news.  There's going to be a few blog hops I'll be participating in within the next few months.  I've never been in one so I'm stoked!  Woohoo!  See, yet another reason to try out for the SVG Attic design team!



<3<3<3! It is so fabulous and I am SOOOOO happy you stepped outside your comfort zone! Don't hate me! :) LOVE IT!


It looks great. I am just the opposite... I don't make cards often and I love the 3D projects. I wished I would have embossed the roof when I made my haunted house. Keep up the awesome work.


Love it! I love that you used the milk carton, thats one of my favorite boxes of Jessica's. Never would have known you wrote in 'or' if you hadn't said something ;-)

Jessica Bashaw

Test with google chrome!

Jessica Bashaw

OMG google is SOOO Biased!

Alyssa Leanne

Awesome job Kasi :D I love this! I'm not real comfortable with 3D either but this is so cute I'm gunna have to suck it up and try!


I love are right embossing makes this do much cuter!! Love how you curled the roof shingles to make them look old too. Thanks for sharing!

Ruthie @ SeptemberNinth

This is super spooky Kasi!!!! I love all the embossing! I always forget to emboss! Fabulous job girlie!

Ruthie :)

Bee's hive

This is amazing! Tell me you're going to keep it...and not give it to some snotty trick or treater...well unless it's me pretending to be a kid at your door, then you give it to ME!

Princess Hilda

i love it so cute


Great job.
I have a blog award for you. Stop by my blog to grab the image and the details :)


Thienly Azim

You did an amazing job here! Love the fact that you stepped outside your comfort zone and tried something new! and it turned out spooky beautiful!


This is so awesome. I love it!

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