Monday, August 29, 2011

Pendant Banner Card

I love how pendant banner cards look. They are so simple yet so pretty if done right.  I made one a few weeks ago by cutting and piecing together the pendants but this time I decided to try my had at designing my own pendant in Silhouette Studio. Ack, what was I thinking?!  I'm not a graphic designer!  I tried anyway. 

It actually wasn't too hard once I got the bowed line to look decent.  Once I got that part down I created some triangles and lined them up on the bowed line.  I removed the bowed line and welded the triangles together and and had my pendant!  I could have left the line but I decided against it and used twine instead to *hang* it.

Here's my lovely vintage-inspired card.

I used the print and cut feature in Silhouette Studio to cut the banner.  I used the Distrezz-it-All on the edges then went over it to smooth it out a little with the Tim Holtz' manual distresser.  I then lightly inked the edges, pendants, and twine to give the card an aged look.  I decided against a sentiment stamp this time around.  I like the look of it without one plus it can be used for any occasion without a sentiment. 

So what do you think of my first venture in graphic design?  Not too shabby for something so basic!


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