Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back to School

I am just in time for back to school with my latest project.  Sometimes I tuck little surprises into my daughter's packed lunch or in her backpack for her to find.  She really enjoys getting them and it's a way to perk up her day.  With that being said, today's project is for the purpose of doing just that. 

My daughter starts school tomorrow so I barely made the deadline!  I stayed up late rocking out to Pandora on the Rolling Stones station (I should have been born a few decades earlier I think), reminiscing with my old military buddies on Facebook, and working on the little lunchbox notes to make the deadline!. 

The cute little shaped lunchbox notes were created using SVG Attic's Back to School SVG collection. 

Lunchbox notes

Lunchbox, front opens up for a surprise message!

Ribbon, the flap swings up to reveal a cute little message

Crayon, shaped card that opens up to a message

Chalkboard, scrawl a message onto the chalkboard using a white or silver gel pen
I love the diversity of them!  I purposely made each one with a different style to reveal the message.  It makes it more fun. 

Quick note on the chalkboard notecard.  I used the print and cut feature in Silhouette Studio for the chalkboard with the writing.  For the chalk-looking writing I used the "pencilPete" free font found HERE

Hope you enjoyed my latest project using SVG Attic's SVGs!  


Anna Dawn

How cute!! I bet your daughter will LOVE getting those little surprise notes in her lunch box!!

Bee's hive

aaaaawww How cute, we need a svg of a boot, and a little kids butt, so we can boot their butts back to school!


cute cute cute!!


Aweeee!!! Way cute idea!

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