Saturday, July 9, 2011

Announcement....ready for it?

Awhile back I had posted on Facebook that I was going to be a monthly guest designer for someone.  I didn't want to mention the name of the company at the time because I wanted to make sure it was actually going to happen.  Well, it looks like we are a go!  I have chosen the dates I will be designing.  I will have a project for July and one in September (for now).  Unfortunately I couldn't commit to next month as a guest designer because the date was during my vacation.

Are you wondering yet? 

I bet you are!

Sorry to keep you in suspense so long.....

Ready for the company name? 

It's an up and coming company.  

You may have heard about them.  

They JUST released their first set....any guesses?  

Any at all?


Aww, come on you have to have at least ONE guess!


OK, I'll tell you then. 

****DRUM ROLL****

Woohoo!!!!!!  I am so excited to be designing for them from time to time.  Do you know what they specialize in?  Stamps!  I am a sucker for stamps.  To top it off, you know who they partnered with don't you?  The up and coming company I currently am on the design team for.....SVG Attic!  I had no clue about this partnership until the date of the stamp release.  I got the news of making the design team for SVG Attic, then the stamp release and then the partnership...I was in shock.  Wait...what?  I will be designing for both?  How awesome is that?!

I am looking forward to my first project and working with Alyssa of My Thoughts Exactly.  What an exciting time!


Thienly Azim

How awesome is that!?!? Congratulations, and looking forward to working with you!


Congrats! Wonderful news, you are going to do great!


Congrats!! They are one of the sponsor for Link Up for Pink
Your follower widget is missing, I will come back and follow. :)

Emily Leiphart

Congratulations on your new designer gig, Kasi! Thanks so much for stopping by during The Twinery + Blog Hop!


Fantastic news!! Congrats!

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