Friday, July 8, 2011

SVG Attic Design Team Project

I have been so excited all week about the news of me being selected for the SVG Attic design team (DT).  I couldn't wait to get started on my project.  This is my very first venture into the DT world.  I am now apart of a growing company and working with some amazing and super crafty ladies.  Let me tell you a little about SVG Attic.  It's a new company that specializes in SVG files.  The creative genius behind it is Jessica of Jessica's Crop Corner.  She creates the most adorable SVGs.  Go take a look for yourself.  I promise you won't be disappointed.

For my design team project I used quite a few of the SVG collections available so you get to see them in action (not literally...I'm not THAT good).  I have been on a paper doll kick lately.  In fact, when I first saw the files I wasn't sure what I could make out of them but then all of a sudden it dawned on me and now I can't get enough of them.  I just keep dressing them up in different clothes!  Oh, there's more up my sleeve with them (in a Santa suit maybe) but umm, I think Jessica would like me to steer clear of the dolls and try something new!  Haha!  OK, I promise I will for the next project.  I just needed one last hoorah with the dolls before I say my temporary goodbye's.  Hear that?  Temporary goodbye.  They will be back!

My project today features four sets from SVG Attic (list & links below) and staying true to summer, I made it colorful and fun like I did with my beach card that you can see HERE.  My inspiration?  Nope not my home state of California...think somewhere tropical with clear blue water (CA definitely does NOT have that...water yes, clear and blue?  No) keep thinking.  OK I'll tell ya....Hawaii!  And why is Hawaii my inspiration?  Because I want to be there at least 8 months out of the year.  That's not much to ask out of life.

Aside from me wanting to live there, this year is the first in three years that we are not vacationing in Hawaii.  I am so sad about it.  Oh if only money ran rampant in my household!  No luau's for me this year *sigh*.  I wish the stamp had an "I" instead of a "we" in it.  You'll see what I mean in a moment.  I guess for now I will just stare at pictures and my card and imagine I was there.  You can too....  

I sure do wish I was there....

....drinking that pina colada....

...and watching her hula dance...

...while playing the ukelele...

....maybe even catch some waves the next morning.

I sure do wish I was there.

Can you hear the music?  Can you taste that pina colada (alcoholic or virgin, whichever your preference) or better yet, my favorite drink, the Lava Flow?  Can you feel the warm water on your toes?

I think that's enough.  I'm going to depress myself! 

On a non-depressing note, wouldn't it be cruel if I sent this to someone while I was in Hawaii and they were stuck at home?! sister better watch out...she may be getting this one day!

SVG Attic SVG Collections used:
I used the wide middle step card from the Step Cards SVG Collection.

The tiki bar, luau sign, drinks, torch, palm tree, ukelele, hula skirt, coconut bra, lei, and lanterns are all from the Luau SVG Collection.

The girl is from the Paper Dolls SVG Collection.

The surf board is from the Just Beachy SVG Collection


Base - 7.5" x 10" (7.5" x 5" folded)
Tiki bar - 4.5" x 5"
Luau sign - 2.5" x .75"
Girl - 2" x 4" her hula clothes were sized down to fit using MTC
Palm tree - 4.5" x 7.5" (this one is triple reinforced to stay up!)
Ukelele - 2" x .66P
Surf board - 3.8" x 1.08"

I embossed the trunk of the tree to add texture.  The yellow umbrella in the back left is actually a toothpick umbrella I had laying around from a party I had awhile back.  The lanterns are held up using pop up squares and strung using twine from Trendy Twine.  I stamped the sentiment in orange to match the paper it's stamped on.  In the background you can see a hint of the ocean.  If I had the embossing folders I received the day after I made this card I could have embossed the roof of the tiki bar.  I slightly inked and distressed the tiki bar to give it more character.  You can see an orange strip on the bottom of the card.  I glued that there so the card would stay folded up a little closer.  The "Surf" sign was cut from a pack of paper that I bought from Target's dollar bins.  Actually all the patterned paper used on this card came from the same stack with the exception of the tiki bar.  That paper where the lanterns are hung are from DCWV's Linen Closet stack.  I think that's all.  I hope you enjoyed my project!

You know you wish you were there too!  We can dream together. last look/dream!


Anna Dawn

Kasi!!! That is soooo cute! Now I wish I was there too!(Hawaii that is!) I love the tiki torch and tiki bar with the little drinks! You did a great job on this! I'm so excited to see more of your work and to be on the same DT with you!!

-Anna Dawn


Love it Kasi!! One of your best and you have some pretty durn good ones too!

Bee Burg

WOW! Your card is awesome. I sure wish I was there too... :-( Never been and never had a honeymoon, maybe one day I will have a honeymoon there! :-D
I can see you had quite some fun making that card... you should turn it into a shadow box... :-D

Happy Life - Crafty Wife (Tamara)

This card is SO cute!! I just love it.. Very fun!


Very cute, thanks for the measurements, I can't wait to make one.

Ruthie @ SeptemberNinth

Darling card Kasi! Definitely makes me want to pack my bags and head to the airport. :)


Bee's hive

YES! If I close my eyes I can feel the humidity, the lovely sand, the warm water, and even smell the tiki torches burning!
Loving that card!

Anna Dawn

Kasi, you're amazing! I'm nominating you for a blog award! Stop by my blog to pick it up!

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