Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Simple and classy

I had so much going on this weekend between holiday fun and crafting projects that I am worn out!  To appease my craft addiction last night I decided to make things simple.  I tried out something I have been wanting to do forever now, make a birthday banner card.  I really have no reason as to why I haven't done it before.  It's the easiest thing ever.  Hmm, maybe because I didn't have any twine, maybe because I am always trying to be too detailed, maybe because I am always trying new techniques.  Either way, it was time to go simple.  Sometimes I overthink projects and get things all jumbled up when really a simple classic card could work just as good or even better.

 This card took just minutes to throw together.  I played with the files in Silhouette Studio and found these lovely banner flags free.  I used twine from Trendy Twine to hang the multi-colored banners on.  Actually, they aren't hanging.  Each banner is secured to the paper using a small pop up square to give the illusion they are hanging.  I stamped the sentiment in red.  I would have rather used a stamp that had the letters much smaller and in a straight line but I didn't have any that were plain.  I was going for the plain, classic, simple is more look.  

If I had better picture-taking skills I think the image would have come out clean and crisp showing the contrast of the colorful flags against the white card.  Well, that's a project for another time!

Side note**
.....pssst, check out Trendy Twine.  I love their colors!



Love your cards! I was able to follow your blog today! :)

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