Sunday, July 17, 2011

Zoo Themed Invites

A few months ago I was asked by a friend to make invitation's for her son's first birthday.  Of course I said yes.  She chose a zoo theme and let me know what colors she would like.  From there she gave me creative hold.  I was to create whatever it was I wanted with the info she gave me.  That was easy enough.  I knew exactly how to incorporate a zoo theme!  

Front on invite

Front and back

I drew in the eyes of all and the nostrils of the monkey

I used pop up squares to make the faces 3D
I didn't do so bad with the eyes!  Drew in the nostril of the giraff. 

Look at all the party animals!

It's party time!

The invites are an A2 size and are double sided.  I was originally going to stick to using just one side but it all wouldn't fit.  I designed the invite wording and layout in Silhouette Studio and used the print and cut feature to cut a perfect circle around the wording. 

I decided to surround the invite with little animal faces that I got from SVG Cuts.  I used the two Cuddly Animals collections they offer.  I decided to omit their bodies because they wouldn't fit so cute little animal faces it was.  Sounds cute until you have to piece 72 of those little suckers together!

I used the print and cut feature again for the back of the card.  When I was finished with that I realized the back was way too plain so I dressed it up with the same patterned paper I used in the front cut so the stripes were laid out differently and crated a chain of silhouetted animals.  I used MTC to weld those little guys together.

There ya go.  Not sure I want to ever do invites again with how time consuming they are but if a friend asks I know I will say yes!


Bee Burg

Those look awesome!! By 72 you mean 72 animals, not 72 cards, right? Right???!! :-P LOL
You did a fantastic job. :-D

Ruthie @ SeptemberNinth

Those turned out really cute! It's a ton of work isn't it!?! I always say I will never do it again too, but I always end up saying yes. :)

Ruthie :)

Samantha Sibbet

I adore these. you did an amazing job, what a very lucky friend.

Totally adorable!! You will always look back and be glad you took the effort and time to make something so cute for a special first birthday

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