Friday, July 15, 2011

Pinterest, the virtual pin board

My Pinterest

So what is Pinterest you ask?  Well only one of the coolest sites ever!  It's like a virtual pin board.  You know one of those things you hang on your wall and pin pieces of paper to.  It's like that but much more modern. Before Pinterest I would just look things up on the internet and save them to my bookmarks.  The pain in that is when I need to find something I have to go through practically every bookmark to find that one picture I saved because of course I have no clue what site I got it off.

With Pinterest there's no need to have a bagillion bookmarks anymore.  You can "pin" a link or pictures/images to your "board".  Remember all this is virtual so when you see something online you like you click your pin icon (which you get off Pinterest) and you are able to pin whatever image or site you would like to whatever board you that you have created.  It pretty much downloads it to the site for you.  For instance, I have pictures of cards I found online that I like and pinned them to my "Cards" board.  Doing it this way I have everything in one place and a visual of each item without cluttering up my bookmarks or a folder on my computer.  There will be a link under the image to the site you downloaded it from and you are able to add a description and tags.

As with many of the popular social networks you can follow people on Pinterest that way you see what they are pinning and you can repin something they have.  It's really a cool site and perfect for those people that are forever looking at things online for inspiration.  One catch though, you have to be invited in order to use the site.  Either you can go to the site and request it or you can request an invite from a member.   It takes a few days for an invite from the site but if you request from a member you are able to become a member as soon as they invite you via email.

Each member is given 5 invites.  If you would like an invite email me, message me, or leave a comment with your email address.  I still have 5 left even though I have been on it for some time now.  I'm not greedy, I promise!


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